The simple invention that makes putting on ski boots so eeezy!
"The product looks in great shape despite being used by all three testers and is well suited to beginners, intermediate skiers and snowboarders"
Ski Club of Great Britain

How you use booteze

How Booteze works
Booteze's slippery plastic reduces the friction between the inside of the boot and the wearer's sock or stocking, making it easy to insert the foot....and with the foot comfortably settled in place, the strong, comfortable handle makes pulling Booteze out of the boot simplicity itself. The plastic tongue will stretch slightly but remain completely effective.
What people say
"What a cracking invention. I have to admit that when I was shown this as a cure for the frustrating pushing and pulling I went through to put on my expensive and otherwise comfortable ski boots, I was very doubtful. I really could not see how it would work - but to my great astonishment it was fantastic. Now impossible to be without and, crazy to say, the thought of putting on ski boots no longer makes me think I want to give up skiing. Would give it a 5 star recommendation"
Beverley Fry - Nottingham
"I can manage without it; but I'd rather not"
Robin Chalk - London
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How you can buy Booteze

Simplicity itself to use, Booteze is robust but light as a feather, long-lasting and after it's slipped you into your boots, you can just slip it into your pocket.

Available instore at Captain's Cabin Sevenoaks and instore/online at:
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