About Us Booteze is the brainchild of an ardent skier who always had difficulty putting on his boots - even after they had been custom fitted. The tipping point was a minor knee injury that made boot entry virtually impossible.

The light bulb moment came when, having discarded many different types of shoehorn, he realised that a thin sheet of slippery material placed inside the back of the boot moulded itself to the heel-retaining shape and effectively removed the friction between the inner lining and the wearer's sock (the root cause of the whole problem). Eureka!

Two years and endless prototypes later the finished product is light years away from the original conception. Finding the right combination of the plastic's slipperiness and strength took time and when it became obvious the only solution to a comfortable pull-out was a custom designed injection moulded handle, one of our most celebrated product design companies provided the solution.

Designed and manufactured in Britain, Booteze development continues and we welcome users' comments and suggestions.
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