Comment From the Boot Room  
"What a difference! I have now used Booteze for two skiing seasons. No longer do I have the unwelcome drama of struggling into a pair of hostile ski boots. I recommend the product highly"
Bob Davis - London
"I have just tried it out on my ski boots - what a joy! It works so well - a brilliantly simple idea"
Alice Bennett - London
We asked Fish and Pips, the award-winning chalet company to invite their guests in Meribel to try Booteze
"It made putting on my boots easier"
Resort Manager
"Very useful with my more difficult boot!"
Guest Chalet Aurigny
"Didn't try it - sorry! Have taken it home to try with our wellies"
Guest Chalet Corblettes
"Fun to try - useful with tricky boots and colder weather"
Guest Chalet du Guide
and also in Val d'Isere
"Worked well in practice and made putting on boots easier"
Resort Manager
"My mother and I found it especially useful when trying to squeeze our feet into the ski hire boots"
Guest Chalet Isere
"Worked well as it's not that easy to put cold cold boots on in the mornings"
Guest Chalet Killy
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